Florida Game Dawg

NO dogs bred, or sold for illegal purpose.

                               ALWAYS  UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Welcome to Florida Game Dawg 

                                Home of some very well bred athletes 

We maintain some of the history passed down from top quality A.P.B.T's. lines.

                                 For our breeding programs!!

We are not to be mistaken for a kennel or a puppy mill.  Just a small family with a

couple of good puppies from time to time. Majority of our breeds will carry blood

passed down from great examples of the breed some well know some not. But all

have deserved to be call an AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER. 

With the addition of selective bloods we use down from Garner's Frisco / Chinaman,

Boudreaux Maverick / Skull, Bass Tramp Redboy / Medlin's Outlaw, Chavis Jocko,

Crenshaw's Jeep plus a great deal of other great legendary bloodlines. 

           We are glad to bring our combinations that involve the past into the

present and onto the future. 

 Our dogs posses a variety of top ranked bloodlines and will excel at most any reasonable  challenge


Temperament: American Pit Bull Terriers are courageous, full of vitality, strong, confident,  and fun loving. The American Pit Bull Terrier is friendly toward people but it tends to be aggressive to other dogs especially others of the same sex. They have been said to have a "zest for life." They are quite friendly, towards children and adults.